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When and Why to Use CCTV

Many years ago, I worked for a company that designed, installed and maintained CCTV systems for the retail trade. During my time there I discovered just how far certain individuals will go so they can steal! I also discovered that it’s not just customers you need to keep an eye on; employees are not always as honest as they should be as well.

These days, CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television) has become more main stream in that these systems are available at relatively cheap prices so the average person can benefit from the added security they offer. We are all aware that petty crime is on the rise, and the reason for this is something that should be debated on another day.

Having a video surveillance system isn’t just about making sure you deter or, indeed, stop criminals, it’s about making sure that everyone is safe as well. Below I’ve given you some of the main reasons everyone should think about a system like this, whether it be in the home or workplace.

Preventing Crime

Deter petty crimeThis is the most obvious reason anyone will choose to have a security system installed. You can have alarm systems, make sure you have the latest in lock technology and even add bars to your windows if you feel it’s necessary, but none of these additional measures allow you to actually catch someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing on tape.

Most people who turn to petty crime are looking to be in and out of the building they intend to rob or vandalize as quickly as possible, and the mere fact they spot a camera can be a deterrent in itself.

Employee Theft

Cash register theftUnfortunately, there are times when a member of staff finds it too hard to resist when handling cash, and helping themselves is “easy money”.

If you have a business that has cash registers, placing cameras so you can see what’s going on will definitely help stop this from happening. Some might think this is an act of immediate mistrust but if you have nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, having a security system could stop an employee from being blamed for something they didn’t do!

Protecting Staff

Protect staffJust going back to the potential “big brother” attitude, CCTV is a great way of protecting your staff especially if you own a business where violence could be an issue.

Perhaps you own a bar or a business where your staff might be subjected to undesirable behavior?
In which case, knowing a camera is recording everything will help your staff feel much safer.


StealingI happen to think this is one of the biggest benefits to having a surveillance system. Think about it? You know that someone is letting their dog use your lawn as a toilet, is throwing trash all over the place or worse, has stolen from you. If you can catch them in the act on tape it will help if you go to court.

Taped images are also very useful for the police and even the most basic systems that record can help as police departments often have software that can enhance what you’ve caught on camera.

Having an Extra Pair of Eyes

Monitoring your babyIf you have children that are at home on their own while you’re at work, an elderly member of the family that needs some extra attention or you just want to keep an eye on your pets, a security system is an excellent way of making sure all is well at home. The technology available today is such that all you need to do is connect to the internet remotely and boom! You can see exactly what’s happening when you’re not there.

These are just some of the reasons that CCTV is important and as I say many times throughout my website; it’s not just about stopping crime. It’s about making sure that people are kept safe too, and this is something no other security measure can help you do.

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