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Home Safe Reviews

If you’re someone who thinks that security systems advertise that you have something to protect (and you’re not alone), perhaps you should consider a safe instead. After all, even if you don’t want would-be thieves to know you have valuables it is wise to make sure they’re well protected.

Of course, when you do actively and noticeably protect the weak spots around your home, a safe is still a good idea. Just think of it as a second barrier for burglars and other unwanted guests, because even if they manage to get around your security system (for instance when you’re at home – God forbid) you always have the safe to keep them from
taking your most valuable possessions.

So, for this page of my website I’ve carefully chosen a few of my best picks that will hopefully suit all budgets and needs.

Best Wall Safe – Stack-On PWS-1522

Stack-On PWS-1522 mini-reviewWhat I will say about this safe is it will not protect what you keep inside from fire or water (the price reflects that). However it’s made from solid steel, the hinges are hidden and the manufacturer has also made the door pry resistant. The locking plate is made of extra thick steel for added peace of mind.

What’s great about a safe like this is you can hide it. Pop a picture over it, a wall hanging or anything else that looks inconspicuous and you immediately have a place for your valuables that will take time to find (something a burglar doesn’t have much of)!

As for the lock itself, this is electronic and comes with a user programmed keypad. What you should know is the keypad is battery powered and these are housed inside the safe, so if the batteries run out you will need the safety keys to get inside so they can be replaced.

This safe has 2 removable shelves so if you do have larger items, they will fit. Personally, I think this safe is perfect for storing important documents such as passports, wills or any other small items that mean a lot to you.

Best Lock Box – SentrySafe H4300 Fire-Safe & Waterproof Security File

SentrySafe-H4300 mini-reviewWhen you think about safes, the first thing that comes to mind is hiding personal items like jewelry or important documents. However, I am well aware that having a safe isn’t always about protecting various things from burglars, but from the elements as well.

For instance, you may have USB drives, DVD’s or CD’s that contain important information. That’s why I’ve decided to include this model. It holds a UL and ETL certification against fire but remember it will only handle temperatures no more than 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. It’s also ETL approved against water.

The lock is manual and you get two tubular shaped keys that will be difficult for the average key cutter to copy. It’s not the lightest safe in the world but because it’s not fixed, you can move it from one place to another fairly easily. In my opinion, for the money I think this is the best lock safe out there if you’re worried about fire or water damage.
Oh, and you get 0.7 cubic feet of space which is more than the average lock box.

Best Budget Personal Safe – Stack-On PS-514

Stack-On PS-514 mini-reviewIf you don’t have a lot of money to spend but you do have various items you would like to keep away from prying eyes (or the kids), this safe is well worth a look. If you’re looking for something that’s fire or water damage proof this model probably isn’t for you so bear this in mind.

This personal safe can be free-standing but it does have holes in the bottom and at the back so you can screw it to the floor or fix it to the back of a closet or wall. In terms of security, the lock is electronic and can be programmed to a specific user. The lock is battery powered and as with the Stack-On model reviewed above, the batteries are housed inside. For this reason you are provided with a set of keys so you can gain entry without using the keypad.
You have two live action locking bolts made from steel and the hinges are concealed for extra security.

Going back to the keypad, if you get the number wrong up to three times it will time-out for a while, plus, if you wish, you can program the keypad to beep when numbers are pressed. Added features include a foam base for delicate valuables and a removable shelf for extra storage.

Best Value Hotel Safe – SentrySafe SFW123DSB

SentrySafe-SFW123DSB mini-reviewI’ve headed this as the best value hotel safe, but of course, if you want to use it in the home or office there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t! So no matter where you use it, you can be rest assured that your valuables will be protected from burglars, fire and water damage.

This fire safe is constructed entirely of steel and you have the added benefit of four 1 inch steel locking bolts which are among the largest available. The hinge is pry resistant and it comes with a dual combination lock. If you want to, the safe also comes with a bolt-down kit so you can fix it to the floor or wall.

In terms of protection from fire, this model is UL and ETL approved to protect items for up to 1 hour in fires of no more than 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also protect what’s inside from water at a depth of 8 inches for 24 hours.

The inside of the safe has been cleverly designed so it’s easy to keep everything in order. You get a key rack, pocket for small items like CD’s, USB’s and DVD’s as well as a tray. Personally, for the money I think this safe is a great option for both residential and business use.

Best Low-Profile Laptop Safe – Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide

Stack-On PS-508 mini-reviewIf you’re conscious about keeping your laptop, camera, MP3 player or any other type of electronic device safe, this one is my favorite. One reason is it’s extra wide so it will accommodate most makes of laptop, but it’s also not that high which means it can easily be hidden under a bed or in the closet.
Plus, if you want to invest a little extra you can purchase a cable lock so it can be attached to something that’s difficult to move.

There are two live action locking mechanisms and the keypad included is electronic, which can be programmed to the user.
What you should remember (as with most Stack-On safes) is the batteries for the keypad are located inside the safe. However, you do get a set of keys so you can replace them. On the inside there is an egg-crate style foam base so delicate electronics won’t be damaged.

I think this safe is a great option for the home, students who are in dorms or any other place where items like laptops are open to theft. You’ll find it won’t “break” the bank either!

Best Depository Safe – SentrySafe UC-025K Drop Slot Safe

SentrySafe UC-025K mini-reviewI had to include this model of safe not just because I think it’s one of the best depository safes out there, but also to show you how versatile this type of security option is. This safe is perfect for those of you who deal with cash, keys, or need to keep receipts or deposit slips safe, and even help stop those all important tips from being stolen in bars or restaurants!

It’s constructed of solid steel and although there is a gap at the top so people can drop items inside, the manufacturer has fitted this model with an anti-fish slot. Plus, the door itself has an anti-pry mechanism. Finished in a powder gray coating, this safe will easily blend into its surroundings. It has dual head key locks and there are anchor holes which are pre-drilled if you want to fix it in place, or you can make use of the bolt down kit.

Best Large Cabinet Safe – First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe

First Alert 2096DF mini-reviewIf it’s fires and floods you want to protect your valuables from as well as burglars, this safe will do the job. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.94 to 2.14 cubic feet so it doesn’t matter how much you have to store.

For fires, the manufacturer has ensured a UL certification and it will withstand heat of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit on the outside while maintaining a temperature of no more than 350 degrees inside. However, do bear in mind this safe has been designed to withstand these sorts of temperatures for up to 1 hour only.

For water (and I love this feature), you get the special First Alert water seal which will keep everything inside dry even if it happens to be completely submerged. The seal also helps the safe float so it can easily be detected in more serious situations.

The digital lock is also pretty innovative. It can be programmed using a code anything from three to eight digits long, and will automatically time out if the incorrect code is used multiple times. For added security, you will need to enter your code and use one of the two keys provided. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry because there is an LED system to guide you through the process.

Other features include solid steel locking blots and pry resistant hinges which are concealed. Inside, the shelves are removable for extra storage space if you need it.

Best Gun Safe – BARSKA Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric mini-reviewSo, we’re on to the subject of guns and I completely understand why many people feel the need to protect themselves in this way, but unlike the models I’ve reviewed above, this is the only safe I’ve come across that I think is good enough for storing your weapon and its ammunition.

There are two main problems with keeping a firearm secure. One (and possibly the most important) is you don’t want children anywhere near them. The second is being able to easily reach for your gun if you do happen to need it in an emergency.

This is why I chose a biometric safe, because what’s great about this mechanism is it will only open if it recognizes a fingerprint. This particular model will allow you to store up to 30 fingerprints so gaining access for the right people won’t be an issue.
In my opinion this is the best type of safe you can use for a firearm. Not only will it stop children from gaining access to the weapon and it’s ammo but if you need to get to it quickly, you only have to press a finger to the pad.

Of course, you don’t have to use this safe just for guns. It can be used for all sorts of valuables you want to keep safe. Other features include two back-up keys just in case you have trouble with it recognizing a fingerprint, two solid steel locking bolts and mounting hardware is included if you would like to fix the safe in place.

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