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Q-See QT5682-1 CCTV System Review

The Best Permanent Security System

Or at least I think so! You may have jumped straight to this review from the homepage of my website because you’ve already heard good things about this security system, or it could be that you’re still a little confused over what system will suit your needs best and this one interested you.

What I will say is that if you’re looking for something that is in the least bit wireless, the Q-See QT5682-1 is not for you. Everything you get with this CCTV system from the DVR to the cameras will have to be wired into its location.
There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is wireless security systems can have their issues when it comes to signal interference, and the second is the question of a secure connection. Believe it or not, there are some complex criminals out there, and they make it their business to hack into various CCTV systems so they can see what you do. Not so with this one!

Q-See 960H Surveillance System with 700TVL Security Cameras

Q-See QT5682-8E3-1
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So, with the reasons why it’s not wireless out of the way, let’s move on to all the other points you need to know.

What You Get

I must of course first mention the DVR, because this is the hub of your system. Without it, your cameras are useless.

The Q-See has a pre-installed 1 TB hard drive and believe me when I say it needs it. It uses D1+ wide recording resolutions which are far superior to the conventional CIF technology, and one of the major benefits to this is if you are watching something real-time, it is real-time! There is no lagging with this DVR.

The DVR comes with a HDMI port for high resolution viewing options, but setting this up isn’t exactly for the faint hearted (more on setup further down below). You also get an array of other features such as the ability to view the “action” remotely, receive email alerts when motion is detected and it will also multi-task for you. You can watch video, back it up, record and even remote monitor all at the same time.

The cameras included are weather proof, not just weather resistant (any of you who know my website will be well aware of how I constantly impress upon you how important the difference is with this). This means you can mount them just about anywhere outdoors without the need to worry about the elements affecting their performance.

Of course, you get all of the connectors you need as well as the cables, but do bear in mind the cables have their limits in terms of length so be prepared to buy more if you have a particularly large property to protect.

A Little More on the Cameras

With a resolution of 700 TV lines, the cameras offer clear images in 960 x 488 digital pixels (960H resolution). This is pretty much the standard these days for quality cameras, and if you want to actually SEE what you’re recording you shouldn’t settle with anything less.

Night vision is included with this security system and this is because of the 36 infrared LEDS (that’s 36 LEDS per camera!). When it is dark, the field of view will allow you to see what’s going on as much as 100 feet away, which makes this system perfect for monitoring outdoor car lots, the perimeter of your home as well as long driveways.
Compared to the other systems I’ve reviewed so far, the night vision of the Q-See is simply superior.

Device Support

Well, all I need to say in this respect is that Q-See is incredible versatile. Since it runs on its own software you can easily connect it to any tv, monitor or laptop.

The interface is web-based so when using a computer you just start up your favorite browser and off you go. And thanks to the apps you can easily connect and view everything on your iPad, iPhone or android device as well.

Set-Up and Installation

This is where I came across a few slight negatives. Whilst the manuals you receive are written by someone who speaks English as their first language, they’re also written by someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about. So, for some people this might pose a headache. If you’re unfamiliar with terms such “IP address”, “network settings” or “router configuration”, you might just struggle.

As I have mentioned, this system is wired so that means all the cameras and the DVR will have to find a permanent home. This can be a bit constrictive so make sure you’re completely happy with the coverage before you go ahead and get that drill out.

Other Considerations and Features

This system doesn’t come with its own monitor so you will have to link one of your own up, but since it has been designed to work with a PC, laptop, MAC, iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows phone, you may not need to add a new monitor to the overall cost.

All the apps associated with this system are free to download and give you the freedom to keep an eye on your precious home or business premises when you’re not there, day and night. In my opinion (which is why I have featured this CCTV system as one of the best) for the money, you can’t go wrong. Just about every feature you could want for is included and if you take a look at Amazon, you’ll be surprised at some of the savings you can make.

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