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NETGEAR VueZone Home Monitoring Review

A Truly Wireless Video Monitoring System

During my research I have been constantly annoyed at the fact that a manufacturer will state they offer a wireless surveillance camera system, only to find that whilst the cameras may connect wirelessly, they still have to be installed using a cord. Or, they need to be plugged into a power outlet in order to catch the images you want.

So, when I came across the NETGEAR VueZone Home Video Monitoring System I was surprised to find out there really are NO wires involved with installation, which is one of the reasons you see this review on my website.

NETGEAR Home Video Monitoring System

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I know a lot of people are turned off by the idea of installing a security system in their home because it means drilling and fixing, and once you’ve decided where you want the cameras they have to stay there permanently.
Not so with this system! NETGEAR really are telling the truth when they say this is 100% wireless and that all you have to do is “stick it, click it and view it”.

If you decide the camera isn’t in the right place, you can easily move it to another location, and the mount is magnetic which makes finding the perfect spot for your cameras an absolute breeze. They’ve also thought about set-up, and you really don’t need any in-depth IT knowledge to do this. Simply connect the main base station to your router and you’re away.

What to Expect

This system includes everything you need to get going as well as two cameras (which, as said, require batteries for power).
Unfortunately, the cameras are designed for indoor use only and do not have night vision. That said you can expand this video monitoring system to include up to 15 cameras, and you have the flexibility to add outdoor or night vision without the need to buy a completely separate system.

When it comes to video quality, don’t expect too much. The images you get are very clear so you can easily spot who it is that’s wandering around your home, but they won’t be like the pictures you get on television.

Other features you can expect are motion detection, live video (of course), the ability to record and save images to a cloud account so you can share, download or view at a time that suits you best. When you’re away from your home, you can use any amount of mobile devices so you can see what’s going on. These include tablets, iPad, Android and iPhone.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Although the price is very competitive compared to other systems like this, you should consider the fact that many of the available features such as email notification or motion detected images and the ability to record WILL involve a subscription to and although you get a 30 day free trial, you will have to factor a cost of up to $50 per year after that.

I think it’s really important you understand this before making a purchase, and if you were looking for a DIY security solution without the monthly bills of security companies this might not be what you are looking for. That said, the price per year at equals the price per month of many full service security company subscriptions, so this could still be a good deal.

There are 2 levels of subscription, Premier and Elite. The first will support 5 cameras and gives you 250MB of storage and the second will support up to 15 cameras with 500MB of storage. Both accounts will allow you to store video from any date range.

On The Upside

I think this video monitoring system actually offers a lot of flexibility as long as you know what costs are involved if you want more from it. If you’re someone who just wants to keep an eye on an elderly member of the family, pets or want to see that the kids have got home from school safely, this system will support that at its very basic.

At its most complex, this system will support up to 15 cameras, can be used for home or business and you can get additional cameras that will detect motion, have night vision or wider viewing angles. Overall it’s great for beginners and “seasoned” users alike. In fact, I would go as far as to say that for the price (which you can find here at Amazon); this system is a great starter kit with fairly good quality images.

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