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Best Motion Sensors

What’s the one thing an intruder to your home or business cannot avoid? That’s right, motion! For all the technology that many professional burglars use, they have yet to come up with something that will stop their movements from being detected, especially if your alarm system is fitted with motion sensors.

I happen to think these are a great addition to any security system in the home because you can sleep easy (or close up your business for the day) knowing a motion sensor will tell you if there is anything untoward going on in or around your property.

So, below you will find a selection of some motion sensors I think will suit a variety of needs.

Dakota Wireless Motion Alert Kit

Dakota Motion-Kit mini-reviewThis wireless motion sensor is great for those of you that have long driveways, especially in rural areas. Since this motion sensor will detect movement up to 80 feet and can be placed as far as 600 feet away from the receiver, it’s also perfect for those of you that wish to keep an eye on any entrances leading to a business premise.

It works using PIR (passive infrared), and when motion is caught, a signal will be sent back to the receiver. What I like about this system is the fact you have several different “tones” that will alert you to movement around your building. These range from soft chimes for quieter areas to loud whistles for places where noise can be an issue.

The manufacturer has made this motion sensor weatherproof and it should operate well in temperatures as low as -30 degrees or as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Honeywell Ademco AURORA PIR Motion Sensor

Honeywell Ademco Aurora mini-reviewWhen you take a look at this motion detector, you could be fooled into thinking it’s really not “all that” because it’s pretty small in size. However, I actually see this as a plus because it’s much harder for someone to spot you have a motion sensor installed in your home.

Unlike the 2 models above, this one is not wireless but it does come with one great feature I love. It has the latest in Split-Zone Optics and will disregard movement from pets that weight 40lbs or under.

In my opinion, this is a fantastic idea because I know many people who have turned their backs on motion sensors because they think their pets will set off false alarms, but not this one!

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Security Kit

Dakota Alert mini-reviewAfter doing a little research on this wireless motion sensor kit, I think it would be best suited to those of you who are looking to protect the perimeter of your home. It has been specifically designed to detect motion of both people and vehicles passing by at about 50 feet away.

When this happens, a signal is sent back to your system telling you when and where the event took place. You can also set the sensors so you receive a “tone” when motion is detected, which helps give peace of mind late at night. If you’re concerned about false alarms, the kit comes with an adjustable output duration which helps to combat this.

The one point I will make is the manufacturer states you can get a signal back to your receiver up to 2500 feet away, however for most this might not be the case.

Chamberlain Wireless CWA2000 Motion Alert System

Chamberlain CWA2000 mini-reviewYou will find this motion sensor system is more expensive than the Dakota DCMA-2500 I have reviewed here, however it does have a couple of extra features that may interest you. For instance, you have the option to increase the number of motion sensors up to as many as eight.

I happen to think this is perfect for those of you that have wide driveways with more than one “hot spot”. It’s also good for people who would like to detect motion as cars or people approach both the outside and inside the perimeters of a building.

You also get sound and light alerts when motion is detected, but there is only one choice of sound which isn’t unlike a buzzer. All of the sensors are weatherproof and the range back to the receiver will stretch as far as ½ a mile. Do bear in mind that because this is a wireless system, it will run off batteries so this might have an effect on reliability in terms of lower temperatures.

Honeywell Intrusion Wireless 5800PIR-RES

Honeywell Intrusion 5800 mini-reviewBefore I get on to the benefits of this particular detector, I will say it’s meant for residential use only. In fact, Honeywell will tell you that. The sensor is wireless and uses PIR technology, and the manufacturer has also kept design in mind. So if you want something that won’t interfere with the overall décor of the room you intend to install it in, this one will do the trick although it is visible to everyone.

So, the benefits: Well, it has temperature sensing so you can use them locally or as part of your own security system and one of the great things about these is if you have a pet that weighs no more than 80lbs the sensor will ignore them. Installation is pretty easy but if you intend to connect it to your current alarm system, it’s probably wise to speak with an engineer first. Oh, and one other great point worth mentioning is if it is connected to a central system, you can have the detector tell you which part of the house motion has occurred.

Leviton Ceiling-Mount ODC0S-I1W Occupancy Sensor and Switching Relay

Leviton ODC0S mini-reviewThis last sensor is less about security and more about safety/saving energy. It can be wired into your lighting system and looks like a smoke detector.

It will cover an area of up to 530 square feet and gives 360 degree coverage, although do bear in mind these measurements are based on it being installed at a height of eight feet. This little gem will help cut down on the amount of energy you waste.

We all leave lights on by mistake sometimes and if it happens to be in your basement, it could be several hours before this is discovered! The manufacturer has also thought about this when it comes to the technology and features they offer. This motion sensor uses PIR and you have the option to set the level of lighting you need. You can also make use of the ambient light override so if there is plenty of daylight, the lights won’t come on.

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