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Indoor vs Outdoor

You may think I’m about to tell you that an indoor camera is better than an outdoor camera or vise versa. However, that isn’t the case because both designs have their benefits. It’s just knowing which one will suit your needs better. In my experience most people don’t think about adding cameras unless they have already suffered some sort of crime, and this is more common in the home.

Businesses on the other hand, tend to make sure they’re properly protected especially if you’re storing expensive equipment (like a warehouse for instance). Workplaces that involve dealing with customers, and believe or not, employees also need some added protection and cameras are the perfect solution.

The main purpose of this page on my website is probably aimed at people who are considering installing security cameras for the first time. So, below you will find some information on what you can expect from both indoor and outdoor cameras.

Before I get started, you should know that both types can have many of the same features. For instance size, shape and design are pretty much universal however there are some points to consider when you’re choosing outdoor or indoor.


Night FootageThis is one of the biggest complaints I come across when people have bought cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, and for the most part this is because the specific camera chosen isn’t up to the job that’s expected from it.

If you do need night vision, there are a couple of things to consider because not all cameras offering low light pictures are created equally. You see, the operative words here are “low light” and “night vision”. If you’re not sure which would suit you best think about it this way, if you cannot see anything with the naked eye in the place you want to protect you will need a camera that has infrared capability.

You should also consider where you intend to place your camera. As a quick example, you may want one over your front door. However, if you have an outdoor light to help illuminate the area, this may affect the quality of the pictures you receive. The same can be said of indoor cameras. If you intend to use one to say, keep an eye on a child’s bedroom at night you will need a camera that has high resolution capability.


Night FootageOf course, this does refer to outdoor cameras and the one thing I mention many times throughout the reviews and information pages you will find here is keep a close eye on the phrases “weather resistant” and “weather proof”. These are different. A weather resistant outdoor camera may well be able to deal with heat and cold, but only up to a certain point and the same can be said for water.

If you happen to live in a climate that gets particularly cold or hot, weather resistant is the one benefit you should look for. It’s also wise to follow this rule of you want to place your camera where it will be at the mercy of the elements. Think driving rain or snow, or even places where ice can form. Humidity is something else to consider. Weather proof cameras can be a little more expensive, however there are some very good weather resistant models on the market that offer housings as additional protection.

Picture Quality

Again, you will find an abundance of technology available that will help give you the picture quality you’re looking for. However, outdoor cameras do need to be a little more robust in this respect simply because they’re often dealing with moving objects like vehicles.

You also need to be able to pick out finer points with an outdoor camera like facial details or the number of a vehicle registration. If you need a lot of detail from the picture, my advice is to make sure you take a look at the resolution capability of the model of camera you’re interested in. The very best technology comes from digital cameras, but these are more expensive.

In Summary

It doesn’t matter if you would like to protect the perimeter of your home or business by making use of outdoor cameras, or you simply want to keep an eye on who it is that’s coming in and out of your front door when you’re not at home.
Just bear in mind some of the points raised above before you finally take the plunge and hit that purchase button.

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