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Home Security Facts

As I looked back over all the information I’ve included on my website it suddenly occurred to me there wasn’t a page that showed you just how serious home security really is. I don’t aim to worry you unduly, but I felt it necessary to let you know what we, the general public, are up against when it comes to the security in our homes.

Below you will find some facts I have come across which, quite honestly, have shocked me. Actually, this has spurred me on even more to make sure people everywhere at least think about the dangers posed to us, even when we feel safe.

So, here goes.

Some Statistics


  • Two out of three burglaries are residential (not commercial as I thought).
  • A burglary, either residential or commercial, occurs every 15 seconds in the US, and 90% of those go unsolved.
  • An estimated 38% of assaults take place in the home and a shocking 68% of reported rapes also take place at home.
  • Approximately $3.6 billion worth of personal or commercial items are stolen annually.
  • Between 67% and 70% of all thefts are forced entries, and 52% take place during daylight hours.
  • If you have suffered a theft in the home before, you’re three times more likely to be targeted again. This is because criminals know you’ve probably got insurance and next time, they’ll get away with brand new items.
  • If you rent a property, don’t think you’re at any less of a risk. Burglars don’t care if you own the place you live in or not.
  • The highest percentage of thefts occurs during the summer months (maybe thieves don’t like the wind and rain either).
  • Doors and windows, as I have mentioned many times on my website, are the preferred method of breaking in, however windows come top because they’re often obscured from prying eyes.

Whilst the above statistics may have given you the wobbles (and I completely understand why), these numbers are loosely based around reported crimes to the police and generally, the homes that have been “attacked” have no form of additional security.

If you’re still undecided about having additional security added to your home, either because you think it will attract more attention or because it will cost too much, why not try the information below on for size?

  • Having an audible alarm or video surveillance system installed will reduced the risk of people illegally gaining entry to your home by up to 70%
  • Insurance companies are far more likely to give you hefty discounts if you can prove you have a working security system.
  • Thieves are generally looking for the easiest and quickest possible route in and out of your home. If you place a camera (working or not) over the main entrance doors, have visible anti-theft devices attached to windows or even a very loud dog, they are far more likely to move on.
  • Plate glass doors are a popular choice so even if you have installed a recessed window or door sensor but display a sign telling potential undesirables you mean business, they’re not going to take the risk.

It’s the Small Things That Matter

I admit that the above information isn’t easy reading at times, and for many people it’s unlikely you will ever suffer a serious assault when you’re at home. I also understand that not everyone has the money to install some of the more elaborate systems I have reviewed on my website.

Below are some small points to think about that often go unnoticed but will help towards keeping those nasty individuals out there away from your home.
alarm sticker

  • You can buy stickers that state you have an alarm system installed (and this doesn’t need to be true) so this is an inexpensive way of warding off potential threats from petty criminals who are just looking to be in and out in seconds with their pockets filled.
  • Make sure you always keep all doors and windows locked, especially if you’re at home on your own. You may think I’ve made this point solely for the safety of women and children, but men are at just as much of a risk. More so in fact because as a man, you’re more likely to get involved with an altercation rather than run out of the nearest exit.
  • Dogs really are a man (and woman’s) best friend and you don’t always have to own a big dog that looks ferocious. In fact “yap-yaps” are more effective at keeping intruders away because they simply will not stop barking!
  • Use timers for your lights when you’re not at home. These can be found very cheaply and can be a real help if your home is being “scouted” to find out what your routine is. Before you go to work for the day, set different times – this will confuse burglars. After all, there can’t be many brain cells to deal with can there.
  • If you’re going on vacation make sure you let trusted friends and neighbors know and ask them if it’s possible to pick-up your mail, fill/empty your outdoor trash bin and water the garden. The more activity at different times of day, the better.


Be a good neighbor. Our society is such today that many people keep themselves to themselves, yet having a strong local community is possibly one of the biggest deterrents to burglars.

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