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Best Flood Detectors

If you have ever suffered from water damage (as I have), you will already know how devastating this can be. If you get a burst pipe, floods in the basement or even something as simple as a bath that’s overflowed the chances are you’ll need to make a call to your insurance company.

Add to this the anguish floods cause when you lose belongings that are precious to you, and it’s easy to understand why so many people are conscious of rising water levels in both residential and commercial buildings.

Whilst the following reviews are not exactly based on keeping human intruders from invading your private space, they are very useful at keeping another highly damaging security risk at bay!

Reliance Controls THP205 Water Alarm

Reliance Controls THP205 mini-reviewThis flood detector has been designed with sump pumps in mind, and many of you will more than likely consider purchasing one for that reason. If you are, it’s worth noting this model comes with a 60 inch sensor and 105 decibel alarm. This means you will be alerted well in advance of anything untoward happening. Plus, the sound level can easily be heard from the second floor if it’s placed in the basement.

However, considering it’s battery powered and has a suction cup included (which makes it easy to attach to smooth surfaces), it’s also useful in many other areas of the home. Perhaps you’re not so good at remembering to switch the faucet off when you run a bath, or the tank on your toilet is notorious for overflowing? In which case you can easily use this flood sensor to help stop water from causing damage to your floors!

It’s relatively inexpensive so most budgets will accommodate more than one, and you also get a 1 year limited warranty plus its UL listed. Oh, do remember though, you will need to make sure you have a 9v battery because this isn’t included with the price.

Zircon 63931 Leak Alert Water Detector

Zircon 63931 mini-reviewI had to include this leak detector because it’s not always obvious you’re about to suffer water damage. In fact, undetected leaks are one of the most common reasons people suffer from flood damage. If you have a leak, it can take time to rear its ugly head and once it does you’re already in trouble.

This model from Zircon is available in packs of 1 to 3 and they’re perfect for placing near areas where potential water problems can occur. For instance, you might want to have one by your washing machine, dishwasher, under a sink and even near a water heater. They’re also great for monitoring sump pumps.

In fact, because these flood detectors run off three 9v batteries (which the manufacturer has kindly included), and are not large, they’re pretty versatile. If the alarm does go off you can expect 95 decibels which is easily enough to alert you if there is a problem. Another nice feature is the unit will let you know when the batteries are low however they do last a very long time so this shouldn’t happen often.

Honeywell RWD41 Water Defense Water Sensing Alarm

Honeywell RWD41 mini-reviewI save the best until last! I love this idea simply because it’s so flexible and unlike a lot of other flood detectors on the market, you can cover a much larger area. It comes with a 4 foot water sensing cable which is easily long enough to go around most appliances in the home that can leak. It’s also useful if you have problems with damp on certain areas of your floors or near a sump pump.

Installation couldn’t be easier (although you will need to make sure you have a 9v battery). The cable can be adhered to surfaces around your dishwasher, under sinks, around toilets or anywhere else you think needs some protection.
The alarm is 85 decibels so if you want to place the main unit somewhere it can easily be heard, Honeywell has also included a 6 foot leader cable so you can mount it in another room.

In fact, it’s possible to extend the cable as far as you want to (if you don’t mind investing in more cables) without affecting the main unit’s ability to detect water. As this water sensing alarm is battery powered, there will be times when you need to replace them but there is no need to worry when, because it will tell you.
Considering this little beast will extend water the detection zone by up to a whopping 3100% you’ll also be surprised at how little it costs!

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