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Dummy Camera Reviews

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of deterring burglars, I have the answer – dummy cameras! These days manufacturers make it near impossible for a criminal to tell a real camera from a fake. You see most models look and act just like a real camera, and in fact unless you physically take one apart it’s still hard to know if it’s the “real deal” or not.

As I have said many times throughout my website, petty thieves are looking to be in and out of a property as quickly as possible. If they can see a camera, in most cases this is enough to make them move on to the next poor unsuspecting victim.

As always, I keep budget in mind for everyone and I know not all of you have the money to spend on expensive recording equipment and all the other “bells and whistles” that come with live security systems. However, there is no reason why you can’t benefit from a bit of added security. So, just for you I’ve added a few well chosen models of dummy camera you may want to consider.

Outdoor Dummy Camera with Flashing Light in Silver

UniquExceptional Outdoor Dummy mini-reviewI actually couldn’t believe the price when I came across this fake camera. It almost seemed too good to be true, but after doing some research I understand why the manufacturer can offer it at such a good price. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is an excellent starting point, and it really does look like a real camera.

What helps is the classic cylindrical shape which is pretty popular these days and the flashing light. From a distance, it’s almost impossible to tell if this camera is indeed a fake. It can be used indoors or outdoors, but personally I think it’s more suited to an outdoor location because of the design, and it comes with a rain shield.

There are a few points I would like to make though. The first is it’s easy to think you will have to drill a hole so you can “install” the cable. Since this camera is a dummy, you don’t need to do that. The cable simply tucks out of sight behind the mounting. This brings me to my second point. I would place this camera somewhere that’s out of reach so a potential thief isn’t tempted to just pull at the cable.

Also, don’t attach it to a tree or brick wall. Even a thief can work out a live camera that’s wired will need to be installed so the cable has power running to it! The flashing light which is very effective at night runs off 2 x AA batteries and these will need replacing on occasion. I have seen mixed comments about how often this has to be done, but the best results appear to be when you use lithium type batteries. Also bear in mind the battery compartment is at the top so leave room for access when you mount it.

Overall, for the price I think this dummy camera is an excellent choice if you just want to keep various scoundrels off your property!

VideoSecu Imitation Security Camera

VideoSecu Fake Dome Camera mini-reviewUnlike the dummy (or fake) camera I have reviewed above, this one is a dome style which will sit flush to a ceiling or wall. It has a black cover and takes 2 x AA batteries so you can make use of the flashing LED light. However, I will point out that many live dome cameras with black covers don’t generally have flashing lights so this might arouse suspicion among the more seasoned criminals out there.

That said you don’t have to put batteries in is as they’re not included with the price so you can save a bit of money there as well. The light may come in useful at night. Because it’s mostly black in color, from a distance it won’t be that easy to tell what type of camera this is. Although do bear in mind that once the batteries are installed, the light will flash constantly.

Personally, I think this model is the perfect option if you already have some live cameras but want to cover certain weak spots such as a window or glass door. For businesses they’re a great option so you can confuse would-be shoplifters because from a distance, this model really does look like the real thing.

You can also use this dummy dome outdoors as well as indoors however, the manufacturer doesn’t state it’s weather resistant. If you do intend to use it outdoors I think it’s better suited under a covered porch-way or other area that’s protected from rain.

For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong with this model if you’re looking to stop your neighbors from causing a nuisance or you just want to let undesirables know you’re not about to fall victim to them. After all, most petty thieves or vandals don’t want to spend time wondering if they’re being recorded or not. They’ll just move on to the next place.

UniquExceptional UDC4 Black – Outdoor Fake

UniquExceptional outdoor fake camera mini-reviewThis dummy camera is a bullet style and I chose to review it because it’s not only great value but it can help with less serious security issues which can still really affect daily life. For instance, I’m sure lots of you reading this will have had (or are still having) trouble with “nutty” neighbors or vandals in your local area.

In which case, this dummy camera is one of the most authentic looking I’ve yet to come across. It comes in all black (which is pretty foreboding in itself), and has a flashing red light to let people know you’re recording them. At least that’s what they will think!
With regards to the light, you will need (as with most dummy cameras) 2 x AA batteries which are not included in the price. Once the batteries are in place do bear in mind the light will flash 24/7 which helps with added security.

Like the cylindrical model, this one also comes with a rain shield and a “fake” cable that can be tucked away at the back of the housing. The other feature you will find the same is the location of the battery compartment which is at the top. So, unless you want to “uninstall” the camera each time the batteries need replacing, don’t place it too close to an immovable object above.

This one is slightly more expensive than the other model I have added here, but for me it’s worth it because somehow it has the look of a real beast of a camera which makes it more convincing.

GGI Indoor/Outdoor Dome Fake Security Camera

GGI indoor-outdoor dome fake camera mini-reviewIn my humble opinion, I’ve saved the best until last. This camera is dome shaped with a smoked cover however it comes with an adjustable mounting bracket so you can easily fix it to the ceiling or a wall. In fact, it’s great for installing over doorways, windows and plate glass doors, and you can even have them in places like your garage.

It can be mounted either indoors or outdoors and since it’s made of plastic you don’t have to worry about parts going rusty due to poor weather. This fake camera also has a flashing light which is battery powered like those above. However, it’s up to you if you want to “arm” this feature. As I have said many live dome shaped cameras don’t have lights within them.

What I really want to rave about is the authenticity. This dummy camera is actually the shell of a live camera so you can’t get much more real looking than that! Personally, if you have just about anywhere that’s considered a security weak spot, want to have a bit of fun with nuisance neighbors by making them think they’re being recorded or just want to keep petty criminals and vandals at bay without the price tag, this dummy camera is definitely worth considering.

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