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Door and Window Sensor Reviews

For me, security starts from the outside of a building and slowly works its way in. However, I know that not everyone has vast amounts of money so they can set about putting various sensors and cameras up all over the perimeters. This is why I decided to devote a section of my website solely to door and window detectors, as they can be used standalone or integrated into your current security system.

Doors and windows are the first two “weak spots” any criminal will look for if they want to enter your home with the minimal of fuss. In fact, you might be surprised to know that windows are a more popular target than doors because they can often be found in places that are not easily seen by passers-by.

That said I’ve included a good selection of both for you below and many of the sensors I’ve chosen will work with doors and windows.

GE 50246 Standalone Door Stop Alarm

If you’re looking for a door detector that will frighten the pants off most would-be burglars and don’t want to spend much money, this model is for you. In fact, I’m thinking of getting one myself. What I love about this sensor is it looks like nothing more than your average doorstop but it’s got a difference!

You simply put a 9v battery inside, flip the switch to on and place it under a door. When the door is opened, it will move over the detector and “bam”! 120 decibels of alarm is set off! The manufacturer has also thought about design in that it comes with a rubber base pad to help protect floors from scraping when a door is opened. I also love that you can take this door sensor with you when you’re staying away from home in a hotel, dorm or motel.

951WG-WH – Ademco Stubby Recessed Contact

951WG-WH-Ademco Stubby mini-reviewThis model may be referred to as a magnetic switch or alarm contact switch and due to the fact the magnet is only 1 inch long, it’s perfect for sliding or casement windows and doors that have a thin frame application. This recessed sensor does need to be connected to your current alarm or video surveillance system, and it will work with a wide range of brands out there.

Once installed (which is pretty easy if you know one end of a drill from the other), it’s not visible so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to advertise the fact your home is protected, this is a great choice. When you have it connected (and if the door or window is opened), this will send a signal back to your main system and considering it really won’t break the bank, you can easily cover more than one entry point.

Bunker Door/Window Entry Alarm with Magnetic Sensor

Bunker Alarm mini-reviewI had to include these sensors because they’re not just helpful with alerting you to the fact that someone is trying to gain entry to your home, they’re also a great safety feature for your loved ones. If you’re wondering how, let me tell you.

There are 3 settings to choose from: Chime, off and alarm. The alarm setting is useful if you want to know if a would-be thief is trying to get in, but the chime is particularly useful if you have young children who are just starting to show an interest in the outside world. If they manage to get the door or window open, you’ll soon know about it because just like the alarm setting, the level of sound is no less than 90 decibels. Personally, I think these are great for security and child safety!

This pack of two sensors runs off 1.5v button batteries and they simply adhere to the join between your window or door and its frame.

GE 45131 Wireless Choice-Alert Sensor

GE 45131 mini-reviewThe first thing to say about this sensor is that (as the name suggest) it’s wireless. The second is the manufacturer has made it weather proof so you can use it outdoors to protect gates, garage doors or any other “weak spot” you might have outside the home.

What you should know if you’re considering purchasing one (or more) of these is you will need either the GE 45129 wireless control center or the GE 45142 control center starter kit, so factor this into the cost if you don’t already have one. The two piece magnetic design makes this one of the most versatile door and window sensors I’ve come across. In fact, you can use it to protect sheds, cabinets and even your fridge (perfect if you have pets or children that like to raid it).

Actually, this model can become a security system on its own because you have the option of 4 zones with a maximum of 16 sensors and it will even detect water leaks. You have a range of up to 150 feet with various alerts such as silent LED, signal repeater and alarm.

Schlage RS100HC Home Door and Window Sensor

Schlage RS100HC mini-reviewI simply couldn’t overlook this door and window sensor because it gives you the ability to keep any eye on things when you’re not at home. Schlage have used Nexia home intelligence with this detector, so with this in mind you must make sure you register on the Nexia website before you install them.

Installation is a snap! You can do this by making use of the adhesive strips, or for more permanent installation, the screws provided.

What you get is a main unit and magnet. One sits on the door jamb or window frame and the other sits at the opposite side. When a door or window is opened you’re immediately alerted (as long as you’re logged into your web based account).

Personally, I think these sensors are a great idea if you’re someone who is away from home often, you intend to go on vacation or you just want to keep an eye on various entry points around the home when you’re at work.

Skylink WD-434TL Long Range Door/Window Sensor

Skylink WD-434TL mini-reviewWhilst we all want to keep burglars out of our homes, there are times (and I’m sure many parents agree) that you will want to know your teenagers are where they should be late at night – in bed. These magnetic type detectors are perfect for both situations. One of the reasons for this is the intelligent way in which you’re alerted to a door or window being opened.

There are three settings: One will just flash which is great when you are at home and want to be able to open doors and windows. The second is an alarm setting that sounds when you open a door or window but stops when it’s closed, and the third is an alarm that won’t stop until you mute it.

The one point I will make which is very important is that although these sensors are inexpensive to buy, you will need the household alert receiver which is sold separately. Overall, I think this is a great way of stopping undesirables from entering your home and keeping errant teenagers where they should be!

Side Note:
You may have noticed that some of the door and window detectors above will only work with certain security systems. If you already have a system installed, and haven’t found anything that supports it on this page, feel free to take a look here to see what brands Amazon can support.

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