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Defender Phoenix-301 Review

The Perfect Way to Spy!

I’m an avid believer that a CCTV system really can make the world around you a much safer place, and if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem? When I say “the perfect way to spy” what I actually mean is the system I’m about to review is an excellent way of letting would-be criminals know you’re not messing around. And, it’s also a great way of having another pair of eyes in order to keep your children safe.

I’m talking about the Defender PX301-013 which is a 2 camera surveillance system, and aside from the reasons above I think it’s a great way to start out if you’re new to this type of system since there is room to expand if you want to. And whilst this system can also be used for small business premises, I think it suits the home better.

Defender Wireless DVR Security System with SD Card Recording and 2 Surveillance Cameras

Defender Phoenix-301
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So, on to what you can expect.


One of the reasons I say this CCTV system is great for novices is that it’s really easy to set-up. The manufacturer has used wireless technology so there’s no need to worry about messing about with cables. Plus, you get greater freedom with where you place the cameras because they don’t have to be wired in.

When you’re happy with where you’ve placed the cameras, the receiver will automatically pick them up for you so this eliminates the need for any configuring which is one of the biggest drawbacks with a lot of other surveillance systems. If you’re wondering how you view the cameras, this is just as easy. Defender has made it possible for you to connect the receiver to your TV using the AV cable which is a decent 6 feet in length, or you can opt for a model with a 7 Inch LCD Monitor included.

Some Information on the Cameras

Apart from your receiver which really is the hub of this system, it’s important to know what you get with the cameras (after all, if they’re no good at recording there isn’t much point in having the system).

Well, both of them have been designed to record during the day and at night. Night vision is possible because of the 18 infrared LEDS and I’ve heard reports that images are far better than average. One thing to bear in mind is the LEDS can be quite bright in the dark. Some think this is a negative because it alerts people to the fact a camera is there. However, I happen to think this adds to the “deterrent” factor.

One thing you must remember is the manufacturer has made the cameras so they can be used both outdoors and indoors, however, they are weather resistant as oppose to weather proof. They have done their best with this by using rust resistant aluminum but if you intend to put them somewhere that will be open to the elements a lot, it’s wise to think about adding some extra protection.

You can set the cameras to record continuously, and if you opt to do this you can expect to get 350 minutes worth of recording time. You can also set them up for motion detection which is a better option if you want more recording time.

One more point to add on the cameras is that they have audio. Don’t expect anything too fancy here because the microphone is pretty small but it will help if two would-be thieves let a name slip when close by the camera!


I’ve already mentioned memory and this comes in the form of a SD card which is 2GB in size. Aside from being able to record continuously or in motion detection, you can also set a schedule so if you intend to go out for the evening, or you suspect someone might be up to no good at certain times of the day this feature will come in very handy.

Although you can view images back through your television, the pictures are of a much better quality if you use a computer instead. Plus, if you use a computer it’s possible to pause the video, capture an image and convert it to a photo.

Points to Consider

The manufacturer will tell you this video surveillance system has a range of up to 450 feet. However, this all depends on the situation. In some cases, you might not get more than 100 feet so this is worth considering. Also, if you happen to have a power outage, it will reset the date and time so again, something to think about.


For the money, I think this system is a great way of keeping an eye on the kids when they’re in another room or outdoors, and it’s a fantastic thief deterrent as well.
As always, there are savings to be made on the list price and I think Amazon offer some of the best at the moment, so if you are interested why not take a look there.

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