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Defender 21030 Sentinel Review

Added Security for Your Home or Business Remotely

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are these days, the need for added security is something we all need to think about, especially when you’re not at home or your business is closed for the night. If this isn’t the first review you’ve read on my website you will already know that I’m a big fan of surveillance systems simply because they give such peace of mind.

However, not all of us have enough money to spend thousands of dollars on the latest in surveillance technology, and that’s why I’ve done my best to add reviews to my site that will make you feel safer without spending a lot of money.

Defender 8-Channel Smart Security DVR with Outdoor Cameras

Defender 21030 Sentinel
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For this review, I’m going to give you my honest opinion on the Defender 21030 Sentinel 8-Channel Security DVR which I think is a very good CCTV system for the home or small business and as you read on, you’ll find out why.

Pretty Easy to Use

This CCTV system includes 4 cameras in the box and since it’s an 8 channel DVR it has the capability for you to add more cameras if you want to. Basic set-up is pretty easy because it’s not that different to using a computer. You’ll be provided with a mouse that can point and click, plus you get a very easy to use icon based menu so you can have your cameras recording from the moment you plug them in.

Installation and the Cameras

This kind of DVR goes hand in hand with ease of use but I’m going to move on to the cameras for a moment. The manufacturer has included cables that are 65 feet in length, far longer than most other CCTV systems like this. However, although you have greater flexibility, you will need a little bit of wiring knowledge if you’re not going to spend hours connecting the cameras up.

All the cameras are weather resistant. The housings are made from professional grade aluminum which prevents rusting, and they come complete with a sunshade so they’re protected from glare and general deterioration. Another great point Defender has thought about is the fact that some thieves are not that bothered when they see a security system. After all, they only need to cut a cable.
This system prevents that because the cable cannot be seen once it’s installed. Instead, you’re likely to get a good look at the undesirable that was armed with a pair of pliers!

Speaking of picture quality, this is something else that has been thought about and you benefit from night vision which produces picture quality to the point where you can read a license plate or identify a person up to 100 feet away (even when the weather is poor). The technology used in the cameras produces a picture that’s almost DVD quality.

If these weren’t enough features for you, the manufacturer has also made it possible for you to set the cameras up for motion detection. This is a great way of conserving memory space on your DVR and energy because your cameras will only record when they detect movement. However, it has to be said this feature can be a little over sensitive so it’s best to set the level pretty low or you might spend your evenings looking at the latest moth that’s decided to pass by.

Another nice idea is the fact your cameras will make a clicking sound once the LED comes on which is a good way of knowing they’ve spotted something that might need further investigation.

My Favorite Feature

I think that this system is great for anyone who travels a lot or intends to install this surveillance system into a business environment because you can get live footage from a device other than your home computer or television. In fact, this system will work over the internet with just about any smartphone, various tablets and your PC or Mac.

This means you can monitor what might be suspicious activity no matter where you are in the world, and considering what this CCTV system will cost you I think this is a great feature.
Do bear in mind however that this part of the system can be a little complicated to set up so you might need some professional help (you also don’t get the manual included. Instead, this has to be downloaded (for free) from the internet).

Other Features

The DVR supplied has 500GB of memory and depending on how you use this it’s possible to keep up to 2 years worth of footage. You can also make use of the included USB port which will allow you to transfer footage on to a flash drive, and from there on to a hard disk (perfect for those of you with businesses to protect).
The DVR also uses H.264 compression which further enhances the efficiency of memory usage and can help to maximize memory storage by up to 50% without compromising on picture quality.


I think that if you’re someone who is looking for a security system with a little “wiggle” room on the number of cameras, want to put cameras outdoors or indoors and need the flexibility of being able to access live footage when you’re away, the 21030 system is great for the money. If you want to find out more, feel free to take a look at Amazon which had plenty in stock the last time I looked.

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