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D-Link Day/Night Surveillance Camera Review

Be At Home When you’re not at Home!

When I talk to people about CCTV or surveillance systems what usually springs to mind are those that have lots of cameras and monitors. You know, when you’re walking around a store and you catch sight of an LED light or an image of yourself on a monitor. I also get the general impression that most people think you need to have a lot of spare cash so you can see what’s going on when you’re not at home.

However, these days this isn’t the case. In fact, manufacturers have realized that people don’t necessarily want or, need a whole security system in the home. And that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to add a review on the D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera to my website.
Now, you might be put off by the word “network” because if you’ve already done some research for wireless cameras that use the internet, they can be pretty complicated to set-up, but D-Link has thought about this.

D-Link Day and Night Network Surveillance Camera

D-Link DCS-932L (White)
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Honestly, for those of you that have minimal computer experience set-up couldn’t be easier with this surveillance camera. If you can follow on-screen instructions, know how to plug in a couple of cables and can use the internet you could have this camera up and running under 30 minutes.

What you should know is the camera does need an AC power supply and the cord is only about 4 feet long however, this will suffice if you’re looking for something to help keep an eye on your pets, use as a baby monitor or you just want to know who is coming in and out of your front or back door.

As with most security cameras like this, you will need access to an online account and for this one you’ll need “” which allows you to view images remotely. But, the best thing about this (unlike some other models), is you don’t have to PAY for the privilege! You will also need a wireless internet connection although I’m reliably informed this camera has an Ethernet connection as well.

Managing the Camera

This is where we get to the good stuff! Of course, you will no doubt have worked out that it’s possible to view images of what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there, and this can be done using a PC, Android or iPhone. However, if you’re using either of the mobile devices mentioned you will need to download the app associated with this security camera.

When you do the basic set-up and have the app, you will be able to view images right away, but if you want a little more from this camera you can also download the D-ViewCam management software which is definitely worth mentioning because some people expect to be able to record right away and find they can’t.

So, aside from being able to record what goes on (which can be transferred to a local hard drive), you can also set things up like motion detection, get email notifications when motion is detected and set schedules for recording. This last feature is great if you have an idea of what time activity might be occurring in your home and only want your camera to record when that happens.

For those of you that are slightly more advanced with using wireless surveillance cameras, the software mentioned will support up to 32 cameras (something I have yet to come across with another manufacturer). If you do intend to go this far, D-Link has thought about ease of use when it comes to monitoring, so it’s possible for you to upload a floor plan in order to easily see where each camera is located.

Other Features and Considerations

This wireless security camera also provides audio which is very useful if you’re going to use it to monitor a child’s room. It’s also useful if your pet happens to be out of range visually. This means if they’re making a noise that sounds like they might need medical attention, you can hear it.

As you may have noticed this camera is called “Day/Night” which means you can use it 24/7. The images during the day have received excellent feedback however, at night you might find its not exactly broadcast quality.

There have also been complaints that static interference occurs with audio. The manufacturer is aware of this and as yet, there are no plans to “fix it”, so if audio rather than video is what you’re after this camera might not be for you.

Since this camera works over the internet and is wireless, you should also think about where you intend to place it, and I would advise that you check how strong your signal is in that area. As we all know, signal strength can vary from room to room in any home and this is something many people forget about.


If you’re looking for a security camera that doesn’t cost an “arm and a leg” is discreet, and will allow you to monitor what’s going on at home when you’re not there this model is (in my humble opinion) worth a look. If you’re interested in making some great savings on the list price, why not take a look at Amazon?

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